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Swimsuits Live Life On The Beach


Fashion to Live Life On The Beach

The Latest New Arrivals on the beach, off the beach, and best sellers

Inspiring confidence and beauty through redefined and affordable fashion

This company was founded upon the vision of becoming one of the leaders in the quick fashion industry, it grew alarmingly since its establishment in 2014. We have direct factory price and we now count with a US warehouse guaranteeing quick delivery and a team dedicated to offer the best service to our customers. Combining trendy designs with affordable price tags, we are dedicated to bring you all the latest looks to live life on the beach.

We are not just some fashionistas working solely for a rapid development, we want to become trend setters and bring the quickest fashion to all females, through hard work, creativity and dedication.

cupsheOn the Beach:

Bikinis & Swimsuits

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“I love my new swimsuit! It fits nice and true to size.  I feel very comfortable in it! Highly recommend!  And I get so many compliments on the style.  I am considering buying it in another color.”

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Locked in a Fibromyalgia Fog



I am an introvert with fibromyalgia and feel locked in a “fibromyalgia fog“.   I know there are others out there like me and you know who you are.

Am I actually happy staying at home or am I delusional?  Is it easier just to stay at home in my jammies, no make-up, and deal with the pain and anxiety of fibromyalgia or to go out and see people and interact.

Fibromyalgia & Friends

Those that suffer from fibromyalgia usually feel more comfortable staying at home. It’s a safe space that allows for security and less anxiety.  I’ve chosen to make lunch dates with friends that I haven’t seen in some time, to laugh, talk and interact.  It has been therapeutic, like a good medicine that works without nasty side affects. We talked about everything, we laughed about anything, we shared our sadness and laughed.

There is not a pill in the world that could do for me what my three besties did for me during those lunch dates. My confidence is heightened, my spirit lifted, and I found my smile again.

I found this quote that pretty much sums it all up:

“A friend is like a good bra, hard to find, supportive, comfortable, always lifts you up, makes you look better, and always… close to your heart!” Sha-Diamonds

My advice to anyone that would rather stay home than hang out with a great friend: Kick fibromyalgia out of your life.  Don’t give it power.  Go out, be vulnerable, laugh, cry, scream if you have to, let it all out and listen. Be a friend, a friend is the best thing you can be and the greatest thing you can have.

Good Friends are Good Medicine

De-Stressing Fibromyalgia


 Fibromyalgia & Stress

fibromyalgia and stress

Fibromyalgia stress and pain is relieved with massage.


I have suffered with fibromyalgia for the past 10 years. I was fortunate to receive a gift certificate for a massage at a nearby spa for my birthday from my daughter, but I was very apprehensive.

My appointment day had finally arrived..fibromyalgia and stress

A young lady came out and escorted me through double door.  I was met with dimmed lights, soft music and the sound of ocean waves. The room smelled of a combination of lavender and a very calming scent. Voices were whispering softly. While changing into a robe and sanitized flip flops, I was feeling apprehensive, vulnerable and naked, but managed to relaxed on the plush couch with my feet up.

The massage tfibromyalgia and stressherapist came out and introduced herself and led me into another room. She proceeded to ask me questions about how much pain I was experiencing, what my stress level was. She assured me that she had worked on other clients with fibromyalgia and arthritis. Jen was well aware of my reluctance.

I removed my robe and hoisted myself up on my stomach on to a narrow massage table. Jen proceeded to cover me with warm blankets and a heating pad.  She began rubbing a lavender scented oil on my neck and back.  My body started to relax and release the stress and anxiety of fibromyalgia. The soft music and the sound of ocean waves played in the background.

The Heavenly Massage..

Jen gently massaged my back and lower back and worked her way up to my neck and shoulders. She worked on the tiny knots that had taken up residence in my neck area. She rubbed, stretched and kneaded that area, pausing every now and then to ask if the pressure was too much. It was very painful, but she recommended that I take deep breaths to get through the torture.

I have to say the days after my massage were more relaxed.fibromyalgia and stress

My neck moved with more flexibility and range of motion. My muscles didn’t feel as stressed and stiff as normal and I experienced less pain.

If fibromyagia has claimed your body

Fibromyalgia de-stressing with massage therapy

Fibromyalgia de-stressing with massage

There are things you can do to relieve the pain, increase mental clarity, have a more positive outlook and improve overall body functions.

  • Drink lots of water
  • Eat fruits and vegetables…
  • Stay away from processed foods
  • Exercise
  • Get a massage

The benefits of a massage are endless. Massage benefits the entire body, mind and spirit.

The health of our bodies dictates the health of our lives. Take care of your body, it’s the only one you will ever have. Feed it properly, exercise, drink plenty of water, get a massage to eliminate toxins. Good health does not come knocking at our door, we must seek out the knowledge.


Fibromyalgia & Drinking

Fibromyalgia and Drinking


Fibromyalgia & Drinking!

I have fibromyalgia. This disorder is like a box of chocolates… you never know what you’re going to get or when you’re going to get it. It’s an assorted mix of symptoms that come and go and can leave it’s victim weak, brain dead, and a body wracked with pain. I’ve read that Morgan Freeman suffers with fibromyalgia, so this is a disorder that effects men and women.  Symptoms are unpredictable and vary for everyone, but they generally include severe pain, fatigue, abnormal pain processing, sleep disorders, problems with cognitive functioning, migraines, anxiety and depression.

I’ve had to learn how to cope with the symptoms

Drinking plenty of water relieves symptoms from sinus problems to headaches to muscle pain and fatigue and everything in between. Water is also a natural lubricant, relieving dry skin and scalp. Most of these drinks that we consume contain some levels of caffeine that irritate our systems and tend to add to the dehydration.

Plain and simple..your body needs water to function

And if it doesn’t get enough of water, your body can’t flush the toxins. Toxins run rampant in everyone’s bodies. Toxins are an enemy of fibromyalgia and come from the air we breathe and the foods we eat. Water is a natural cleanser. If toxins aren’t flushed from your body properly, they can cause irritation and disease.

For those of you with fibromyalgia,

If you love your coffee in the morning and can’t live without it, drink your cup of coffee and then chase it with two glasses of water. If you can’t live without your pepsi or coke in the afternoon..enjoy one can and then chase it with two glasses of water. You will start to feel better because you will be sleeping better, have more energy , and you will experience less pain. You will enjoy more quality days in your life and isn’t that what it’s all about.

Just drink water… a simple activity can make such a big difference.

Here’s to you!

Fibromyalgia & Drinking

Our bodies crave nutrients, but because our food supply doesn’t contain the nutrition that it once had and because of all the chemical additives that are placed in our foods, our food can’t supply our bodies with the nutrients that it desperately needs. Therefore, we see a breakdown in our b about?odies and mental health.

Baby Boomers Redesigning Their Homes

Baby Boomers

   Baby Boomers Redesigning Their Homes

Boomers are pushing a trend in design that calls for greater accessibility in their homes, according to a survey released by the American Institute of Architects. They go on to say that many of the 77 million Boomers, the largest age group in U.S. history, likely will stay in their long-term residences. “We see many more households start to plan, at an early age, what they need to have at an older age,” says Kermit Baker, the AIA’s chief economist.

Boomers Redesigning Their Homes 

According to a survey released by the American Institute of Architects, retirees are pushing a trend in design that calls for greater accessibility in their homes. They go on to say that many of the 77 million Boomers, the largest age group in U.S. history, likely will stay in their long-term residences. “We see many more households start to plan, at an early age, what they need to have at an older age,” says Kermit Baker, the AIA’s chief economist.

The problems with staying in your home

after retirement is that most U.S. housing fails to meet the needs of aging homeowners. Steep stairs and slippery tubs are safety issues. Narrow hallways and doorways, bed, bath and kitchen facilities are not conducive to walkers and wheelchairs, slick floors and carpeting can cause falls, front steps and entry ways are not accessible. Design, lighting, and maintenance issues are likely to present challenges. The more people choosing to stay in their own homes, the greater the need will be for remodeling.

 Boomers want smaller homes.

Higher energy costs may be playing a role. “Concerns over affordability are resulting in a decrease in extra interior spaces that add to heating and cooling expenses,” says Baker.

Retirees seem to be enjoying the outdoors

Upgrading their homes to include gazebos, patios, etc. Designers are incorporating entire entertainment suites into outside spaces.

Baby Boomers

  • complete kitchens
  • gas ranges
  • grills and ovens
  • dining room sets
  • living rooms
  • fireplaces
  • all under cover of a roof.

Making changes to a home can extend a boomer’s independence

According to www.In-law-suite.com, the average cost of assisted living is approximately $70,000 per year. The  cost of remodeling an existing home could be upwards of $50,000, depending on the extent of the remodeling work.




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new stuffOne of our favorite finds is: Game Loot Network.  You can see that in the Arts & Entertainment Section.  This is something that anyone with a Smartphone (Android or Apple) should have a look at.  Fun Games, that allow you to win actual prizes.  If you are looking for some entertaining ways to spend time, or deal with the lines, these fun Games have it all.  From hand and eye coordination to competitive and even tournament play with your friends, or the Gaming Network at large.

Very addictive if I can say so myself.  (And I do say so myself).  This is something we found long before anyone else in the blogging world.  As the months go by Game Loot Network is becoming a larger and larger Gaming App Network.  One place for all the greatest game apps and all of them having a shared and fluid currency and prize currency where you can play in tournaments and win actual prizes.  This is the next generation of Mobile and Application based gaming.  You are witnessing first hand, the next “everybody is doing it” online trend that is growing worldwide.

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Sociable: Become your Own Social Media Agency

Within the realm of the Internet, Careers are created.  

New Needs are Created, and with these New Needs comes New Demands.  As we find ways to fill these demands, Careers and more importantly Profits are created.

Mobile has become a funny word.  It stands for so much. Mobility of everything.  With today’s Mobile Apps and Mobile Games the Entertainment and Functionality available to us on our Mobile Phones is literally becoming unlimited.  You can literally run an entire business within the palm of your hand, connect to calls and apps with wearables (Watches, Jewelry, clothing).  Below you’ll find an Index to cutting edge and awesome Mobile Apps and Games that will enhance your life and in some cases – your lifestyle and way of life.  All that packed into the devices we cannot live without.

Appportunity – Mobile App Product For Apple And Android App! 

Fun and needed Mobile App… You saw it here first, and you will be able to amaze your friends as you can share something amazing that they never saw before.  You should give Apportunity a look here:

Deep Sea Gold Rush:

We have found yet another amazing game.  This is great for anyone using iOS or Android.  This is a very addictive and fun game.  You can win real actual prizes.  You can also earn real money.  This is something you should play and try out.  Great social interaction with your friends.  Incredible Competition is here, and you can beat your own record, and compete for real prizes if you want!  Start your Own Deep Sea Gold Rush Here:

gamesFrozen Treat Frenzy:

This is a fun game that sure makes your brain think, and gets addictive as you line up frozen treats to get more and more points and gain new levels.  Like to compete or play with friends to see who can do better?  Then join in the Tournament Play and win actual prizes!  This game is super fun and super rewarding.  See and get started here:


Is here with fun and amazing mobile app games for you to enjoy.  It is available in your Apple Store and Google Play Store:  But sign up first – so you can have an account to play from!  This Gaming App Network is launching new games all the time.  And the token play is incredible allowing you to be able to win actual prizes.  This is the “iTUNES for Mobile Games”.  One Network, so many games.  And it provides for seamless play from Facebook, iOS and Android.  And you can use your tokens for any/all the games.  So much better than anything done in the Mobile Gaming World before.  SEE THE DETAILS HERE!

Phone Photography Tricks

Trick Photography With Your Iphone!  You see those cool photos updated by the geeks online right?  Well – without jumping into the geek side of the Universe, you can learn how to make your photos stand out.  Get more fun out of your iphone as you learn these photo tricks.

mobileSports Games Have Evolved!!!

Become a Player in the latest in Sports App Games played over IOS or Android Devices.  From the NFL, NBA, MLB, PREMIER LEAGUE, MLS, CRICKET, RUGBY, GOLF and more.  UNITED GAMES brings you the Mobile App that allows you to fully Interact with real-life game play like never before.  GAIN ACCESS HERE

Steampunk Nautical Journey:mobile

 Get ready for more Deep Sea adventure as you navigate a Steampunk Diving Vessel in the great deep depths of the Ocean. Encounter Mines, Gold Coins and other Steampunk Creatures.  There is Tournament Play where you can use your skills to win actual Prizes – that get mailed right to your door.  See the Nautical Fun Here:

Unseen Apps For Iphone And Ipod Touch  So you have an Iphone or an Ipod.  Now you need to get the most out of it.  Get this sweet information – and find out some really cool Apps you won’t believe you lived without.  Get the info on Unseen Apps Here:

Mobile Games, Mobile Apps and Mobile Functionality are at a all time high in innovations and new features being released.  If you are looking for the most out of your Sports Needs, the Interaction with Sports Games Here is unlike anything you have ever seen.  Many have tried to give that unbelievable fan experience, but no one has achieved what you will see here.  If you are looking for Mobile Games Entertainment where you can get lost for a minute, or an hour in a mind expanding and mobile appscompetitive nature, then the


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All business need to advertise, and all businesses in today’s High Speed World need presence on all major Social Media platforms.


Solar Energy. Get it for $0 down, and SAVE MONEY

 Solar Stirling Plant The Most Powerful Way to Generate Energy

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Build Your Own Solar Water Heater!!!

You Can Easily Build Your Own Solar Water Heater and Save up to 33% Off Your Electric Bill Every Month While Helping the Environment.



Our do-it-yourself solar water heater guide is easy to follow with step-by-step instructions and is extremely affordable!

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